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Does your dog need training? Pawsitive Futures is here to help. We know you have a busy life and we are here at your convenience! Whatever your goals are, we can help you reach them. We offer a wide variety of services to help you with whatever canine needs you may have.


We are an all-positive reinforcement training company that uses dog-friendly and family-friendly methods. To learn more about our methods and why we use them over others, click here. A little bit of training goes a long way. Pawsitive Futures makes it easy to fit training into your life. Contact us today to see how we can help you and your dog!


Board and Train

Headed out of town and looking for some extensive in-home learning with a trainer?



Day Training

Busy day at work? Allow your puppy or dog mid-day potty break and training sessions with a trainer to help you expedite your training program!

$480 +


Group Classes

Group classes allow students to work with real-life distractions around other dog and handler teams experiencing the same challenges.

$165 +


Online Classes

Ready to learn about dog-powered sports? We have group classes online to help you learn about running with your dog! 



Private Lessons

Private lessons offer unique and customizable training plans to help clients change frustrating and concerning behaviors.

$100 +


Puppy Camp

Need a little extra help with socialization and training during this pandemic? Puppy camp is a twice a week pick up and drop off service offering giving puppies a half-day adventure!



Virtual Coaching

Long distances or safety concerns with the Covid-19 pandemic? We are offering virtual consults over zoom with individualized coaching and extensive email homework plans.

$100 + 

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