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Puppy Camp

Are you struggling with socializing your puppy? Do you want a safe way for your puppy to play and get a jump start on training? If so, then puppy camp might be a good fit for you! 

On Tuesday and Wednesday, your puppy can be picked up in the morning for a half-day of socialization, training, and play! Puppies enjoy safe field trip outings to boost confidence and work on socialization and manners out in public. Puppies will also get some reinforcement throughout the day to start building strong foundations for skills like jumping up/polite greetings, biting, attention, recall, and drop.

Your puppy will also get the chance to engage in safe play with other puppies around the same age, which helps your puppy develop appropriate social cues and can prevent behaviors like leash reactivity. When group sizes permit they can also engage with socialized adults to help them learn appropriate play habits. At the end of the camp day, Camille will then bring your tired, socialized, and happy puppy back to your home in the afternoon!

*Please note this services is designed for puppies 8 weeks to 5 months of age and is intended to be used in conjunction with other services like private lessons or group classes so that owners learn how to continue to build these socialization and training concepts.

Pawsitive Futures trainer working with a puppy in puppy camp.

Flash practicing attention and loose leash walking during puppy camp with Camille.

Due to the nature of this service having a drop-off and pick up, some location restrictions apply. If you are interested in this service for your puppy, and live in the Atlanta, GA or Metro-Atlanta area please contact us!

Puppy camp clients socializing.

Puppy campers enjoying some trainer supervised group play to help develop good social skills, body awareness, and healthy development.

Puppy camp students enjoying some puppy training and play.

Blue and Winston getting some treats and pets from Camille as they practice attention and coming when called out of play! 

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