November 6, 2018

I am coming back into the office after a week in sunny Orlando, Florida. My youngest dog, Lennon (Ch. Vykon's IXA I'm A Dreamer at Ilannak RI, CGCA, CGCU, TKA, WPD), and I went to The Alaskan Malamute Club of America National Show. It was my first time at Nationals and we soake...

February 22, 2017

"When will my dog be done with training?"

Ever wondered the answer to that question? Its a challenging question that I hear often during client intake calls and emails. Want to hear the my truth? NEVER.

Scary huh? Well, don't be too alarmed.

Think about your life up until this poi...

June 6, 2016

You walk in the door from a long day of work. Excited to be home and relax and BAM you are pounced on by your fur kid. We’ve all seen or experienced this (me probably more than the average person). I can almost hear their voice in my head “OH MY GOSH! I’M SO GLAD YOU’RE HERE!”...

December 9, 2014

Wondering what to get your dog for Christmas? Struggling what to get for your dog crazy family member or friend? Well we've made is easy for you and put together a list of the top gifts that will make everyone bark for joy!





The Chuck-It

The perfect gift for fetching Fido



October 16, 2014

Target sticks are great tools to use to teach other behaviors. It is what we call a foundation behavior. I am using a Karen Pryor Clik Stik, which is nice because the target stick and the clicker are combined into one tool. But, you do not need anythign fancy to teach this beha...

October 9, 2014

Do you just wish your dog would pay attention to you? Have trouble with that especially in distracting situations? Well, with this easy and fun game you can learn how to get your dog's attention.


The name game will teach your dog to make eye contact when you say his/her name. G...

October 2, 2014

All dogs need mental exercise. Imagine if you were in a white walled room, no windows, no television. You might take a nap. But what do you do after that? Pace around? Start shredding thr couch? 


People are overwhelmed with stimulation all day long. We have work, conversations,...

September 25, 2014

A few weekends ago my husband and I took the dogs on a day hike. We got ready in the morning, packing our day pack wtih snacks, protein, water, etc. But what about our dogs? They need supplies too! So here are the top ten things we bring or prepare to help our pups out.


1) Wate...

September 11, 2014



There are many kinds of stress that we experience. We feel the stress of work, finances, house chores, and more. Our dogs feel stress too! Some worry about thunderstorms, loud noises, being alone, when family or friends come over, traveling in the car, crate tr...

September 11, 2014

Kids... I am not talking about our furry kids who walk on four legs. Unfortunately, there are many dog bites every year.. and too many of those are to children. As parents and responsible dog owners it is our responsibility to help educate them about how they should act when th...

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