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Small Breed Dog Training Group!

While small dogs are in fact just dogs, there are certain safety, equipment, and training hacks that can help you improve your time with your favorite four-footer! Pawsitive Futures Trainer Abbey Johnson, CPDT-KA, FDM is a small dog lover and advocate and she created a group to help you!

Small Breed Dog Training is a FREE group designed to bring together small dog owners and lovers from all facets of the dog world. We are a collection of companion dog owners, breeders, exhibitors, handlers, hobby trainers, professional trainers, and behavior consultants all working together to improve the lives of our dogs and support one another. This group is devoted to helping owners apply positive reinforcement principles and methods.

What can you expect from this group?

  • GUIDES: Learning guides/units filled with information on positive reinforcement training techniques, articles, and video tutorials.

  • A safe learning environment to ask questions and share wins!

  • Occasional Facebook Lives with trainer conversations, training demos, and more!

Check out our Small Breed Dog Training YouTube Playlist!

On this playlist you will find content cultivated to help you improve your training and relationship with your small breed dog. Training tutorials, equipment recommendations, and conversations between trainers about small dog topics. 

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