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While we as a company are located in a metropolitan area, we know that not everyone has access to quality trainers near then. And sometimes you need assistance with something niche that trainers in your area may not fully understand. That is why here at Pawsitive Futures we are happy to offer our services in a virtual capacity. 

We offer private virtual coaching packages for clients all over the world

Worried about how effective virtual coaching can be?  Virtual coaching works JUST like our in-person sessions. We get to know you and your dog, talk about goals, and then work with you and your schedule to develop a customized training plan to help you meet those goals. During our meeting skills are both explained and demonstrated and we observe you as you practice, providing feedback to help ensure that you have the skills you will need. Following the session, you will receive a recap email with additional resources like blog posts, video tutorials, and handouts to help you remember all the content that was covered and help you implement all you learned.

Prior to your lesson, you will receive an emailed link for your zoom meeting room. And when it is time for your lesson all you have to do is click on the link! It's easy! Many clients enjoy sending us quick video clips and photos of their set up at home or showing some of the problem behaviors they are experiencing. If these are already handy, they can help your trainer provide further recommendations for your success.

Virtual coaching is great for puppy raising, basic foundation manners, dog-powered sports foundations, and conformation. Lessons are $130 for a single lesson and $500 for a package of 5 lessons. Interested in signing up?  Contact us!

Virtual coaching with Pawsitive Futures Dog Training.

Virtual learning client Motive with his human watching one of their virtual coaching training tutorials before they give it a try!

Want to see an example of how virtual training might work? Here is a virtual coaching session with a client who wanted to get started in dog-powered sports. 

Here is an example of an online session that our client allowed us to share. Our session takes place over zoom. We talk about training, we explain skills, and then coach her through the process of practicing with her dog to make sure she is doing it right.

Virtual coaching sessions can be catered to any behaviors you might need! 

What They're Saying About Virtual Coaching

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