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Training Fees, Terms, Policies, and Procedures

Homework & Training Programs

When your trainer meets with you, she will develop a training program specific to your dog and your goals. You as a student will be given homework assignments to work on between sessions. Your dog’s success is based on your ability to carry out the at-home program. 

Training is a commitment that should be taken seriously. If you are unable to commit to working with your dog several times a week, and follow the guidelines given to you by your trainer, your dog’s program will not succeed. 


If you have any questions, do not understand or cannot do some of the things laid out by your trainer please discuss this immediately with your trainer so that they can accommodate you and help you carry out the homework as laid out.  Your trainer is only there to make your program successful so that you may attain your goals.  Therefore, any concerns or challenges need to be addressed immediately so that we may reach all of your training goals.


Service Fees, Refunds & Payments

 All prices are listed on our price list here on our website.


 Payment of Services

 You are required to pay for your training in full upfront. Services will not begin until payment is received.



 There are no refunds for any training services.


Scheduling, Cancellations & No-Shows



 Single lessons must be scheduled and completed within 30 days of purchase. You have five months from the purchase of a package to complete all the lessons.  If lessons are not completed in this time frame then your lessons will be lost and no refund will be granted for unfinished lessons. We generally recommend that clients book sessions every 7-14 days.



We require a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to your scheduled lesson before canceling without incurring a fee.  If a lesson is canceled in less than 24 hours then the lesson time will be lost. Incliment weather conditions may impact Pawsitive Futures services. Your trainer will be in touch at the first available moment via email to notify you of any changes to your schedule.



Should your trainer show up for a scheduled lesson and no one is home/available and no one has given notice, then it will be considered a lost lesson and the full lesson fee will apply for a single follow-up lesson ($130) or a lesson will be deducted from your pre-paid package if this applies.

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