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Practical Dog Life Facebook Group!

Pawsitive Futures Trainers Chelsea, Camille, Yara, and Madie are admins in a wonderful positive reinforcement facebook group designed especially for reward-based training! Join a group of breeders, professional and hobby trainers, behavior counselors, and puppy owners as we navigate raising puppies, taming teenagers, and loving our adults. This group will house tips and ideas for safe socialization, enrichment, and positive reinforcement based training and more.

Pandemic Puppy Raising Support Group on Facebook.

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Would you like to receive puppy-related newsletters sent straight to your inbox? Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity! Newsletters will be sent once a week through the pandemic. Topics will include training, care, enrichment, socialization, and more from a wonderful admin team of positive reinforcement trainers. Enter your email below to sign up!

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Check Out The Pandemic Puppy Podcast!


Our friend, colleague, and fellow Pandemic Puppy Admin Kayla Fratt with Journey Dog Training has created a puppy-specific podcast! Follow along and get the inside scoop on all things puppy raising and training from a fellow positive reinforcement trainer. 

Find the podcast on most major platforms.

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