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Conformation Training for Show Dogs

Whether this is your first show dog or you have been handling for years, Pawsitive Futures can help you get your dog ready for the show ring. We offer in-person and virtual private lessons using science-backed positive reinforcement training techniques that will help you and your dog learn the skills necessary to be confident in the show ring. 
We are happy to help first-time owner-handlers learn about this fun sport so that you are able to enter the ring on your own. We will work on human handling skills, talk about appropriate clothing, develop some mental management strategies, and even support you at local events to ensure you are ready to be successful. We will also train your dog to be comfortable with hand stacking, the exam, and learn how to gait correctly on cue. We can also help you develop that beautiful free stack so your dog stands out. Not ready to enter the show ring yourself? No problem! We can help you prepare your dog to go into the ring with a handler.
Not a newcomer? Maybe you are a long-time owner or breeder but you are having trouble with a new dog or want to learn new methods. Come see us! Your expertise on the breed and our knowledge of behavior will make a great team for maximizing your success!

Private lessons are 60-minutes in length and can be scheduled virtually over zoom or in-person at local parks around the Atlanta and North Atlanta Area. Sessions can be purchased individually at $130 or in a package of 5 for $500. Each private lesson includes a recap email to help you remember all we discussed. 



Trainer Chelsea and her dog Lennon picking up an Owner Handled Group First in Perry, GA at the Winter Wonderland Cluster.


Journey and his first-time show-dog owner prepped for their specialty. He happily and confidently went into the ring with a handler and won his class.

A little at-home practice with Bliss. He continues to improve his chin rest for hand stacking and his exam. His gaiting is on a verbal cue and his muscle memory with his free stack is improving. Rehearsing at home for good performance in the ring is crucial.

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