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Continuing The Conversation

We've been fortunate enough to share some dog training tips to help dog owners on a variety of local and national media outlets. Here we will continue the conversation. You will find extensions of some topics below.

Dog crates for safe dog travel.

Georgia Public Broadcasting: How to Travel with your Dog

From dog-adventure vacations to trial weekends and shows, dog enthusiasts are bound to spend time on the road with our dogs. Managing all the details for travel can be intimidating, but with some planning, you can take the stress out of your travels and ease your mind. 

Taking care fo your dog in the winter.

The Weather Channel: Taking Care of Your Dog in the Winter

Does the cold winter weather have you stuck inside? No matter what the weather is, our dogs need outlets for all of their energy in order to stay well-behaved! Here are some tips on how you can keep your dog exercised and you can keep your sanity this winter season.

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