Maybe you are already an adventure-seeker or you are looking to get started in some fitness with your dog. Meeting dog's energy needs and giving them a job can even help reduce attention-seeking behavior (like barking and pawing) and boredom-related behaviors (like digging, inappropriate chewing, and pacing)! So who doesn't want to be able to get fit with your dog and improve their behavior all while developing your relationship and having fun! Enter all the fun of dog-powered sports!

Dog-powered sports can be enjoyed in many capacities depending on your goals and your fitness levels. 

  • Cani-hiking: dog-powered hiking

  • Canicross: dog-powered running

  • Scooter: dog-powered scooter

  • Bikejoring: dog-powered biking

We can help you and your dog get involved in the sport with both private lessons (via virtual learning) and online group classes. Have questions? We are here to help!

Trainer Chelsea and her dogs Lucy and Lennon enjoying an afternoon bikejoring. 

Chelsea's husband Tyler running canicross with Lucy.