You may already enjoy adventures with your dog or you are a beginner looking to get started in some more outdoor time with friends, dog-powered sports could be your next adventure! Meeting our dog's physical and mental energy needs and giving them a job, can help reduce attention-seeking behavior (like barking and pawing) and boredom-related behaviors (like counter-surfing, digging, inappropriate chewing, and pacing)! Dog-powered sports allow people and their dogs to get out together and navigate trails as a team! The dog runs out front and is given verbal directions to slow down, speed up, turn and more! And no matter the size of the dog or your fitness level, there is a speed at which you can get involved from walking and hiking all the way up to wheels! So who doesn't want to be able to get fit with your dog and improve their behavior all while developing your relationship and having fun? The benefits of and the fun of dog-powered sports are endless!

Dog-powered sports can be enjoyed in many capacities depending on your goals and your fitness levels. 

  • Cani-hiking: dog-powered hiking. Take your adventures at your own speed and explore some new trails. We are all surrounded by beautiful scenery! Come learn about how wonderful and enriching cani-hiking can be!

  • Canicross: dog-powered running. From recreational running to local 5k races and sanctioned races, you and your dog can feel the need for speed on foot together!

  • Scootering: dog-powered scootering. Enjoy gentle trails with your dog at their speed while having the stability of wheels underneath you.

  • Bikejoring: dog-powered biking. Bikejoring is for the adventure-seekers and high-energy dogs! From flat and gentle trails to mountain bike trails, learn how to navigate trail obstacles as a team for adrenaline-pumping fun!

We can help you and your dog get involved in dog-powered sports with both private lessons (via virtual learning or in-person) and online group classes. Have questions? We are here to help!

Trainer Chelsea and her dog Lennon smiling as they blast off the start line at Lost Pines Dryland Race 2020.

Tyler and his dog Lucy blasting off the start line to a second-place podium finish at a local Canicross race.