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Online Class Schedules and Descriptions

Below you will find a list of all our active group classes. This list changes throughout the year so be sure to check back often. If you would like to be put on the waiting list for a class please notify us.

Introduction to Dog-Powered Sports

Do you enjoy being active with your dog? An Introduction to dog-powered sports online can help you learn how to cani-hike, canicross, scooter, and bikejor with your dog as a team! Dog-powered sports are wonderful ways to improve your fitness and connect with your dog at a new level.  We will cover:

  • Equipment: Education, selection, proper fit, and conditioning

  • Cues: Turning right and left, sprinting and stopping, passing distractions, getting comfortable with pressure out front

  • Fitness: Warm-ups, cool-downs, basic conditioning, stretches, heat concerns, hydration, and paw care.


Class is now Self-Serve! You can work on your own.

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