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What Clients are Saying About Us!

We know how important choosing the right trainer is. You love your dog and you want the best for them. Here are some of the things our clients are saying about us and our program!



Dr. Vrono, Veterinarian
Brookhaven Animal Hospital

I have been very impressed with Chelsea from Pawsitive Futures. Whenever I have a client looking for a trainer, she is the first one I recommend. Some of the transformations I have seen have been amazing. She has a great way with animals and uses a completely positive training method. She even got my dog to calm down with some suggestions! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone!

Team April

I have known Chelsea since June of 2017. She came highly recommended by my vet. I have done several board and trains and one on one and day training.My baby is April a 4.5lb Pomeranian and each time she comes back home she whines and wants to go back with Chelsea. 


My First concern was safety and positive reinforcement. April is almost 11 months old and understands over 15 commands.

My initial goal was train April to travel well in her travel bag, be excited and not stressed out in new environments, and pee and poop on commend. She has traveled with me 4x to Europe and Africa without encountering any challenges. The health and well-being of April has always been at the forefront of Chelsea’s mind. 

I have traveled abroad several times leaving April knowing she will be well looked after. I could go on on about how knowledgeable Chelsea is but the most important thing I will say is that I trust her with my baby who has become the center of my family. 

Courtney with Arden

Chelsea was so amazing/understanding of our high anxiety and reactive dog. We rehomed him from another family and were not given the full story and she so helped us work through his reactivity (read: bitey panic with strangers - and an 80lb Dutch Shepherd, not a great combo) and honestly gave us our life back - with some long fought for changes. our dog has made friends with 2 other dogs, and that is huge for us. We never thought doggy play dates or inter-family dog visits would be possible - hell, we were doubting even vacations as an option.


She worked with him and took care of him while we went out of town!! Truly a lifesaver, and he loved her. But, you have to put the work in too. However, with her, believe you can accomplish it together. Our doggo went to a "party" (mostly people he knew, but a few others) the other day and I just about cried (totally did later) I was so proud. If you have a reactive dog, she can help you be the ridiculous crying person too - it's a better place to be than where I was, for sure

Judi with Whisper + Temple

Pawsitive Futures and its owner/trainer are exceptionally professional and knowledgeable.  Chelsea gave private lessons at our home for our two Tibetan Terrier pups (beginning when they were 6 and 8mos. old).  In dealing with two pups at once in our home and yard, she addressed behaviors we were concerned about with positive training exercises, and gave us insight into dog psychology underlying both their actions and her methodology.  We worked on their interaction with each other (aggressive puppy-play), getting them to come when called (especially in emergency situations when escape our yard), appropriate response to visitors/strangers, and response to basic "commands".  

She fielded any and every question we had. Her email recaps of each session have become permanent pages in our notebook of methodology handouts she has given us.  

We've worked hard and Chelsea has been wonderful!  We know we have an ongoing resource whom we trust for questions as they arise.  Plus, her Facebook page and posts regularly provide useful and timely tips!

The Seelos Family with Sofia

Last fall our family expanded witht he adoption of our sweet rescue puppy, Sofia Darla with Boots. Both my husband and I had not had pet dogs since we were young, so we had a lot to learn. That coupled with the fact that we had small children solidified our need for formal training for not only Sofia, but for us too! Our veterinarian recommended Chelsea and after a brief phone conversation, we knew that we wanted to pursue group training classes. Chelsea is very knowledgable about all things dog. She provided us with extensive resources that we still continue to refer to. Chelsea is very knowledgable and will continue to be an ongoing resource which is invaluable.

Mimi wtih Finn + Athena

Chelsea is absolutely amazing! I took the basic dog sports online course. The information is broken down, well organized & she demonstrates with her malamutes. It’s just like being in person but better because you can watch it over and over again. Chelsea is so encouraging. I highly recommend Pawsitive Futures. Thank woo so much!!!!


Dr. Desai, Veterinarian

Anyone who desires to have a better relationship with their dogs should use Pawsitive Futures. Chelsea's positive reinforcement training addresses many of the most common behavioral problems, but also more serious problems like dog aggression. Chelsea's calm, patient, and confident approach is infectious and allows us to better understand our pets. Chelsea genuinely cares about nurturing the human-animal bond.


Katie and Wilson wtih Bao

We started working with Pawsitive Futures – Chelsea, specifically – in June 2017 when our dog Bao was around 8 months old. We received Chelsea’s contact information from our vet in Brookhaven. Since then, Chelsea has worked closely with us and our dog, Bao, through various private lessons and board and trains. It’s been an incredible adventure together as we continue to shape Bao into a more well-mannered pup.

Bao is part-Australian Shepherd and part-poodle, and is known for being very goofy. He loves people, other dogs and new places. When we first started working with Chelsea, Bao loved to greet people by jumping up on them, barking at them, and using his mouth/teeth to communicate.

Chelsea introduced the clicker to us and showed us through a variety of strategies and practices how to reward good behavior and ignore bad behavior. Through various private lessons and board and trains, Chelsea worked diligently with Bao on the following: walking on a leash without pulling; greeting new people without jumping and barking; reducing frustration/managing impulse control; learning new tricks to engage the mind; training to go to/stay in a crate happily; among other critical lessons.

In fact, we have found that board and train sessions are where Bao makes the most progress. We work with Chelsea in order to determine the lessons that we want Bao to focus on the most during the intensive time. After each board and train, Chelsea comes to our house for follow-up sessions to share best practices and to ensure that we know how to maintain/encourage the learned behavior.

Chelsea is very responsive, hardworking and passionate about shaping pups into well-mannered dogs. It was so critical for me and my husband to find someone who could help to train our dog without taking away his goofy personality. Chelsea has done just that!

Pawsitive Futures is an incredible training organization and we highly recommend to others!


Stephanie and Kyle
with Houser

Chelsea & the entire team are absolutely wonderful! We started taking our dog, Houser, to classes when he was about 6 months old. We've done several classes and each class has been extremely helpful & educational. Classes not only help our dog learn appropriate behavior but most importantly help my husband and I understand how to properly train him in a positive & rewarding environment. Chelsea is so hands-on. She's positive, encouraging and so loving. Her classes are more intimate, so there is only about 3-4 dogs + owners in the class, which we love, because we felt we got significant one-on-one attention. Even after class ended, Chelsea has remained responsive, answering any & all questions we ever have about Houser. She's an amazing resource! We've even had Houser stay with Chelsea at her Board and Train while we were traveling for several days. She was phenomenal! She sent updates throughout the day with pictures. To be honest, our dog's schedule with Chelsea was far better than at home with us! We're sure he would stay there forever! She spent several hours training/practicing with him & gave him specific rest & play time. It was wonderful! We loved the updates, because when traveling, you're always wondering what your dog is doing. Thanks to her updates, we never had to wonder or worry, which allowed us to relax & enjoy our vacation. We cannot recommend Chelsea & Pawstive Futures enough! We will forever work with Chelease & no one else! If you need a dog trainer, she's the best one out there! We trust her wholeheartedly!

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