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Behavior Modification for Fear, Anxiety, Aggression, and Reactivity

Does your dog lunge, bark, and growl when you are on a walk? Does your dog cower and run away from new people, dogs, or objects? Does your dog get stiff, growl, or snap when around food or toys? Has your dog ever bit you, another person, or another dog? Does your dog destroy the crate, bark loudly, or mess up your house when you leave him/her alone? Did your dog get kicked out of daycare? Is your dog fearful at the vet, around new people, or in new places?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then it sounds like you are a good candidate to meet with us for some Behavior Modification training. Many of these situations can be dangerous for you, your dog, and the people around you. Did you know that some ways that you or family members respond to the situation can accidentally make it worse, even if you don't mean to?


The first thing to realize is that if your dog does any of this, it doesn't mean they are a bad dog. They aren't "broken" or a "lost cause". But they do need help from a professional, and so do you! We will help you understand what is going on. We can educate you on dog body language to help you pick up on the subtle cues happening before the "disasters" happen. We will also help you set goals with your dog, which will help us develop a training plan so that we can help you get what you want with your dog. 


If you are seeing any of these situations and would like some help, please register now for your initial behavior consultation! Behavior Consultations are 90-minute sessions for $185 designed to help get a history and develop a training plan specifically for you and your dog. Behavior Consultations are most commonly followed with a package of lessons to work through the training plan and help you and your dog meet the goals.

Dog Training in Atlanta.

Daisy, learning that attention to her human is a better choice than barking and lunging on the leash. 

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