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I’ve grown up always having several pets (dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, mice, cats, fish, frogs) and fostered kittens for 12 years growing up. I have always been interested in animal behavior and welfare, and when I started graduate school I adopted my first dog as an adult. She came to us with severe behavior issues including human and dog reactivity, separation anxiety, and she was unable to be handled by anyone other than Jay and I. We began working with a local positive reinforcement trainer and started our journey to address her behavior issues which led to us dabbling in many dog sports including nose work, barn hunt, rally, and agility! Since then, we have grown our family—adding a Scottish Deerhound, Pharaoh Hound, and two kittens; and now compete in conformation, dock diving, rally, dog powered sports and lure coursing! Over time I decided that training was how I would like to spend my time and left a job as a research fellow with the CDC to pursue training full time. I enjoy working with puppies and adolescent dogs who struggle with impulse control and manners, as well as teaching nose work, and rat related sports!


  • BS in Public Health and minor in Biochemistry American University 2017

  • MPH with a focus in global health Emory Rollins School of Public Health 2020



  • Member of the Pharaoh Hound Club of America (PHCA), assists with rescues and fosters

  • Event Volunteer- Hunt Master at Lure Coursing Trials; Scent Work Events 


  • Positive Training for Show Dogs Seminar with Vicki Ronchette (Spring 2022)

  • Aggression Workshop and Seminars with Michael Shikashio (March 2022)

  • Virtual Webinars With Adam Skandarani, Leslie McDevitt, Sue Sternberg, and Dana Zinn (2023)

  • Nosework with Amy Herot (Spring 2023)

  • Containers and Handling for Nosework with Dana Zinn (Summer 2023)

  • Fenzi Dog Sports Academy- Arousal Control for Sport Dogs with Sarah Stremming (Fall 2022)


  • American Journal of Health Promotion, "Examination of Sleep and Obesity in Children and Adolescents in the United States" (READ HERE)

  • Research Square, "Systematic review of empiric studies on lockdowns, workplace closures, and other non- pharmaceutical interventions in non-healthcare workplaces during the initial year of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Benefits and selected unintended consequences" (READ HERE)

  • Emerging Infectious Diseases, "Relationship between Telework Experience and Presenteeism during COVID-19 Pandemic, United States, March–November 2020" (READ HERE)



  • Covington, Loganville, Conyers, Monroe, Social Circle, Between, Rutledge, Porterdale, Grayson, Snellville, and Lawrenceville


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