MUST HAVE Dog Holiday Gift Guide!

Finding the perfect gift for your favorite four-footer or best dog-loving friend or family member can seem overwhelming. There are SO many cool items on the market that can enhance your life with your dog. As dog owners and canine training professionals, it is safe to say we've used and tested a lot of products. Today I want to share the top items on our holiday gift guide - both big and small! Perfect for that big ticket item all the way to stocking stuffers!


Smart devices are becoming more normal in our homes to play us music, give us a weather update, and see who dropped off a package on the front step. But what about one that can watch our dog? Whether you are at home or travelling with your dog, being able to have eyes on them can provide peace of mind in many situations! For that we recommend the Wyze Camera. Wyze cameras are compact, easy to set up and use, and high quality. They can easily connect to Alexa for more functionality, Wifi networks, and a smart phone ap with alerts to allow for easy monitoring. They have indoor and outdoor capabilities, night vision, and even two-way audio so you can ask your dog to go settle after that doorbell is rung. This two-pack of cameras is $70.96 and gives you the ability to monitor two home locations. It's compact size makes it perfect to travel with and as you head out for a quick dinner you can check in and make sure your dogs are settling well in a new environment. As you train a new puppy on relaxation with independence, you can observe behavior on the connected ap as you walk out of sight or out the door. Or if you are just having a bad day at work and want to see your dog, Wyze cameras make that all possible. MUSIC BOX- iCalmDog

Did you know that classical music has been shown to reduce stress and promote relaxation in dogs? Plus with some soothing sounds on, you can drown out external noises like people walking by house that could startle or disturb your dog. Not only do we recommend classical music- but what about if you could get it in a self-contained, compact, easy to use speaker? Introducing the iCalmDog, a portable speaker that plays Through A Dog's Ear Music, classical music that has been tested and shown to promote relaxation. This speaker costs $79.95 and for a small additional fee you can select which soundtrack program suits your dog best from puppies, to separation anxiety, soothing, or senior dogs. The speaker can also connect and stream from Amazon Music, Apple, or Spotify. The self-contained all in one speaker with sound card make traveling with this device very convenient. Easier to use that a google speaker or alexa with its "turn on and press play" abilities. With a sound card the speaker doesn't need WiFi to play music, making it great for hotels, the car, and easily moving from room to room in your home. Classical music from this little device is often playing for our dogs while we are away, helping soothe them!