Private lessons are a great opportunity to gain a specialized training plan for you and your family. Whatever your canine needs are, we will help you establish some goals, and then teach you how to get you and your dog there.


During our initial consultation, we will discuss in detail any problems you may be having and how you would like to see them resolved. Once we have established some goals we will work with you to give you the skills you need to train your dog. Each skill will be explained and demonstrated, then we will coach you through the training process. Each session is an hour-long and includes a follow-up email, which details what we have discussed. You will also receive training handouts to help make your homework straight forward. Sessions are $115 an hour. You may also purchase a package of five lessons for $450.


Private lessons can be done with dogs of all ages. They are great for families with busy schedules, inexperienced owners who feel they want that one on one time, and special case dogs (dogs with anxiety, reactivity, aggression, or fear who may not be suited for a group class).


We frequently work on behaviors like:

  • Housetraining

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Crate Training

  • Grooming and Handling

  • Socialization

  • Puppy Biting

  • Appropriate Play

  • Stay

  • Settle

  • Maintaining Attention and Focus

  • Coming When Called

  • Self Control

  • Attention Seeking Behaviors

  • Nuisance Behaviors Like Barking and Jumping Up

  • Barking at the Door/Doorbell

  • Conformation Show Dog Training

  • And more!


Let us help you figure out how to solve all of your problems! If you can think it, we can teach it! Contact us today to get started!


If you are seeing behavior that indicates fear, aggression, reactivity or anything else that concerns you, please click HERE for more information.

Joey learning how to walk on a loose leash in a private lesson.