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Introduction to Dog-Powered Sports

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You may already enjoy adventures with your dog or you are a beginner looking to get started in some more outdoor time with friends, dog-powered sports could be your next sport! Dog-powered sports allow people and their dogs to get out together and navigate trails as a team! The dog runs out front and is given verbal directions to slow down, speed up, turn and more! And no matter the size of the dog or your fitness level, there is a speed at which you can get involved from walking and hiking all the way up to wheels! In this Introduction course, you will learn all about equipment selection and fit, selecting trails, troubleshooting main trail challenges, and how to train the essential foundation cues needed to get started (line out, on by, gee, haw, whoa and hike). Plus you'll get an introduction to canine fitness and warm-up and cool-down routines.

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Introduction to Dog-Powered Sports

Introduction to Dog-Powered Sports

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