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Board and Train

Do you want your dog to get some training when you leave town? Are you having a hard time breaking 'bad habits'? Would you like your dog to live with and learn from a trainer to help expedite the training process? Then a board and train may be a good fit for you. During a board and train your dog will live in our home and have three structured training sessions a day as well as general training to redirect behavior during the day. Each dog also enjoys free play in the home and outside. We strive to treat every dog like our own and many board and trains enjoy special enrichment like pool time, snuffle mats, licky mats, choice walks, and more. When your dog is not in training they can enjoy some calm crate time with the assistance of relaxing Through A Dog's Ear music, essential oils, Adaptil pheromones, and frozen puzzle toys.


Since your dog will stay in-home with the trainer, some restrictions do apply. Because limited spots are available, reservations are made on a first come first serve basis and your dates are reserved once pre-payment is made. Your dog will sleep in a crate overnight and therefore must be quiet and comfortable being crated. 


Prior to when the board and train begins, we will discuss, based on the time frame, which behaviors will be trained. The cost for the board and train is $165 a day

Board and Train in Atlanta

Stout, a board and train pup, working on attention and four on the floor in the home.

Drop off and pick up times will be decided when the reservation is made based on your schedule and the trainer's schedule on that particular day. There is a minimum stay of 5 days for a board and train to allow enough time for progress to be made with your dog. For every 5-7 days of stay, you will receive one in-home private lesson to show you what your dog learned.

*Please keep in mind that these services are meant to begin to teach behaviors. Some behaviors are complex and require more time than can be given during a board and train. Each board and train includes a follow-up lesson for you at home to teach you how to continue to develop the behaviors your dog has learned. As with all training, it is up to the owner to continue to work with the dog at home in order to build reliable behaviors and to maintain what has already been taught.


Gibbes is working hard on settle on a mat. Settle can be used to eliminate many nuisance behaviors like counter surfing and begging at the table. It also helps promote relaxation, which is especially important for youngsters!


Board and Train client Sadie is happy and exhausted! She enjoyed some leash manners practice followed by playtime in the kiddie pool in the yard! All smiles here!

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