Online Workshops

Below you will find a list of all our upcoming workshops. This list changes throughout the year so be sure to check back often. If you would like to be put on the waiting list for a class please notify us.

For all Pawsitive Futures Workshops, you get access to a special Facebook Group. The workshops take place live with the ability to ask questions as you watch! After the workshop, you will get private infographics and homework lists to help you put to practice all you learned in the workshop. 

Learn to Paddle With Your Dog!

Do you enjoy being active with your dog? Are you ready to establish the needed foundations so that you and your dog can spend your summer on the water together? Whether you want to canoe, kayak, or paddleboard your dog needs to learn some behaviors so that they feel comfortable and can be well-behaved! In this workshop you will learn HOW to teach those needed behaviors and how to make sure you both have fun!

  • Cues: Learn how to train the foundation behaviors so that your dog will be well-behaved. (No more tipping!)

  • Fun: Learn how to eliminate any fear or stress your dog may have while on the boat!

  • Smooth Sailing: Learn how to take your training from in-home to on the water for hours of fun!


Join us for a 90-minute workshop on May 3rd at 7PM EST to set you and your dog up for a summer of fun! Class is $45 and includes FREE infographics and homework reminders. Workshop will not be recorded.


Attention and Impulse Control

You walk outside and it seems like you no longer exist! Attention with distractions is just not happening for you....yet!

  • Attention Games Learn several ways to cultivate attention. Teach your dog how FUN paying attention is! Learn how to make it THEIR idea so you don't have to micromanage and constantly ask for focus. 

  • Fading Food: Learn about how to identify when your dog no longer needs food reinforcement, how to reduce the amount of treats needed, and how to use environmental reinforcers!


Join us for a 60-minute workshop on May 17th at 7PM EST to help you and your dog get that dreamy loose leash walk! Class is $45 and includes FREE infographics and homework reminders. The workshop will not be recorded.



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