Our Christmas List- The Best Gifts for Your Dog or Dog-Loving Friend

Wondering what to get your dog for Christmas? Struggling what to get for your dog crazy family member or friend? Well we've made is easy for you and put together a list of the top gifts that will make everyone bark for joy!

The Chuck-It

The perfect gift for fetching Fido

The Chuck-it is the perfect gift for the frequent park goer, or the hyperactive dog who loves to run. This device makes fetching easier for you and more fun for your dog. The handle lets you pick up the ball without getting slober on you and it lets you throw the ball further than before with ease! The Chuck-it also comes with tennis balls safe for your dog and various new additions like glow-in-the-dark balls for nighttime play, recycled material balls for your eco-friendly conscious, and irregularly shaped balls for unpredictable fun! If you haven't experienced them yet, what are you waiting for!

Kyjen Slo-Bowl Slow Feeder

The perfect gift for the fast eater or the dog that needs a job

The Kyjen Slo-Bowl is a wonderful way to feed your pet. This slows you dogs meal time down, which increases enjoyment, and can help prevent bloat. These nifty bowls also make your dog work for its mealtime, which helps mentally stimulate your dog to make them happy and well-balanced. Not to mention they are dishwasher safe, so cleaning is easy! And at only $10 on Amazon... how can you resist?!

StarMark Bob-A-Lot

The perfect gift for energetic dogs, working dogs, busy dogs, and family dogs!

The Bob-A-Lot is in my opinion one of the best treat dispensing toys on the market. It has two adjustable holes so that you can make it more difficult as your dog "gets smarter". This adjustability is also great to accomodate various food/treat sizes! It is large enough to fit your dogs meal, which makes mealtime entertaining and challenging for your dog. Adding this to your tool box will help keep your dog both mentally and physically stimulated and you know what we always say... a happy dog is both mentially and physically stimulated! Plus, it comes in two sizes and is very inexpensive when you consider its versatility and importance!

Zukes Mini Naturals

Our favorite packaged treats!

For many of our training sessions we use kibble or human grade food, but you cant always bring hot dog with you (for example on a long trip when a cooler may not be easy to carry)! So, we need packaged treats and these are our favorites. They have natural and high quality ingredients and come in many flavors includeing chicken, salmon, pork, peanut butter, and rabbit! They are wheat, corn, and soy free and made in the USA! They are always discounted on Amazon and sometimes become an "add-on item", meaning they are about 50% off after you purchase $25 worth of products. Wahoo! What a deal!

Kong Classic

The must have universal treat toy for every dog

I am sure you have seen these silly looking rubber toys around... but did you know how versatile they are?! These rubber toys can be filled with your dogs food to make mealtime last longer and more fun! They can also be stuffed with a variety of dog-safe foods like yogurt, peanut butter, sweet potato, apple sauce or pupkin and then put in the freezer to last a long time! They help prevent crate anxiety, separation anxiety, and puppy distruction, and help promote settling, positive associations with the crate, andappropriate playtime. Plus, there are endless ways to stuff them! There are many sizes and many strengths to accomodate every dog.

The Bark Box

The gift that keeps on giving!

While the Bark Box is fairly new it has surely gone viral. You can order various amounts of boxes where they can send one box a month or one box every three months. The boxes are filled with size approprate toys, treats, chews, and more! Its the gift that keeps on giving!

Happy Holidays!!

*Neither Chelsea or Pawsitive Futures is paid for the reviews. These are just personal favorites recommended to enhance you and your dog's relationship and well-being.

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