The Name Game

Do you just wish your dog would pay attention to you? Have trouble with that especially in distracting situations? Well, with this easy and fun game you can learn how to get your dog's attention.

The name game will teach your dog to make eye contact when you say his/her name. Grab your clicker and treats and stand in front of your dog. When he looks up at you, you should click and drop a treat to the floor. Repeat until you have eye contact reliably.

When you click/treat and your dog will reliably look back at you, then you are ready to add your cue (or how you will ask for this eye contact). The cue will be your dog's name. Just as your dog looks up, say your cue, and then click and treat the eye contact. Repeat.

Your dog will soon offer eye contact when you say his/her name. Try slowly adding distractions over multiple training sessions and soon you will be able to ask your dog for attention in any environment!

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