Handling pt.1

Not all dogs enjoy being handled. Some owners can't even cut their dogs nails. This quick clip will show you an easy game to play with your dog that is the beginning steps needed to teach your dog that handling feet is a good thing and they don't need to worry.

I invited Jude to hang out with me, no leash confining him, so if he felt uncomfortable he could walk away and the game would end. I slowly put my hand on his shoulder and slide it down to his foot, then I click and treat. I repeat this with all four of his feet.

Once he is comfortable with me touching his feet I add one of two things: duration or pressure. I start with duration and add some time between the foot touch and the click and treat. This way Jude gets used to me touching his feet for longer periods of time.

Separately from duration we can add pressure. I give his foot a light squeeze and click and treat him during the pressure. We can begin manipulating the foot a little, picking the foot up, moving the toes, etc. This way Jude gets used to his foot being handled in various ways (necessary for nail trims).

Stay tuned for an upcoming video on how to take this to the next level so we can cut nails!

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