Choosing the Right Dog

Did you know that each type of dog breed and mixed breed has a different personality? Did you know that some dogs need to be groomed every couple of days? Did you know some dogs need more than 30 minutes of exercise a day in order to be welll-balanced and happy? Did you know some breeds of dogs will need to see the veterinarian more than others?

A few questions to ask yourself before getting a dog...

1. Do you have the time you will need to care for your new friend properly?

2. Can you bring your dog in for annual vaccinations and emergency vet visits?

3. Do you have enough space for the type of dog you are getting?

4. Do you have any children? Is the dog you are looking at comfortable around kids?

5. Can you run a high energy dog? Or do you prefer short walks?

6. Can you brush the dog or take him/her to the groomer?

7. How much shedding are you comfortable with?

8. Can you spend a few minutes a day training?

9. Is a puppy a good fit? Or is an adult dog a better choice?

Do a little research before you bring a new friend home. A little research will go a long way. Then you can make sure that your new dog has found his/her forever home!

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