October 16, 2014

Target sticks are great tools to use to teach other behaviors. It is what we call a foundation behavior. I am using a Karen Pryor Clik Stik, which is nice because the target stick and the clicker are combined into one tool. But, you do not need anythign fancy to teach this beha...

October 9, 2014

Do you just wish your dog would pay attention to you? Have trouble with that especially in distracting situations? Well, with this easy and fun game you can learn how to get your dog's attention.


The name game will teach your dog to make eye contact when you say his/her name. G...

October 2, 2014

All dogs need mental exercise. Imagine if you were in a white walled room, no windows, no television. You might take a nap. But what do you do after that? Pace around? Start shredding thr couch? 


People are overwhelmed with stimulation all day long. We have work, conversations,...

September 4, 2014

An Important Skill


The other day I was in my kitchen and decided to cook some dark chocolate cookies. As I opened the bag the chocolate chips went flying all over the floor. 


"Leave it". My pups (who were charging towards the yumminess I dropped all over the ground) slammed on...

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