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Doggone Safe Be A Tree- Educating Kids, Saving Dogs' Lives

Pawsitive Futures and Chelsea Murray are proud to partner up with Doggone Safe, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to dog bite prevention through education. Chelsea Murray is a Licensed Presenter of their program Be A Tree, which is an international effort to educate school-aged children during Dog Bite Prevention Week (in May) and all year round.


According to a press release by Doggone Safe, "Half of all children are bitten by a dog and most of the time the biter is the family dog or another dog known to the child. Dog bites can be emotionally and physically scarring for a child and can cost the dog his life." One mistake, one accident, and one lost life. Did you also know that dog bites are preventable?


"The Be a Tree program is a dog bite prevention presentation for school children. Children learn that a happy dog pants and wags his tail loosely, while an anxious dog may show a half moon of white in his eye, yawn, lick his lips or turn away. A dog that does not want to meet them has his mouth closed and may hold his tail and body stiff, or wag his tail slowly. They learn how to let a dog approach them and how to pet it safely, after asking permission. They learn to avoid dangerous situations with dogs and how to Be a Tree if a strange dog approaches them or any dog is bothering them. To Be a Tree they stop, fold their branches (hands clasped in front), watch their roots grow (look at their feet) and count their breaths in their head until help comes or the dog goes away. The Be a Tree program is fun and interactive with a goal to empower and not to frighten children."


Chelsea volunteers time to speak with school kids to help educate them on body language and dog behavior in a way that is fun, interactive, and educational. It helps them learn how to behave safely around dogs and gives them skills to prevent dog bites! The service is completely free and available to you! 



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